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Raleigh Quake LAN Party

Here's some snapshots of the LAN party...shoulda taken more, but didn't want to annoy everyone...


Here's [EDK]Mindfazr, [EDK]Noogman, and [EDK]Raider tearing it up. Bunnyz, Wild1 (covn\2Wild4U), and Killnu4u in the background. This shot didn't turn out so great...had to lighten it a bit (don't ask how I could screw up a point and click camera). This is a shot of DG|Vandal, DS|Bacchus, DG|Demian, and Jackal.


Still grainy...bottom row is Raider, Vandal, Mindfazr, and Jackal. The top row is Noogman, Wild1, Undead, Bunnyz, Killnu4u, Vengence, Bacchus, Spitfire, and Demian. Missing from the Picture Is Aetius and Kib who played at various times during the weekend.


The quake player formerly known as Spitfire (Changed and changed back) asking himself will Mike (the guy taking the picture) actually take this photo...That's Demian and Bacchus in the back ground.


Another Mike shot. From left to right it's Killnu4u, Wild1, Bunnyz, Raider, Time2Die (That's me) and Noogman.


The shy cat...taking a moment to hangout in front of Wild1's computer and check out the action.


Another shot...[EDK]Mindfazr gets in on this shot tho...


DG|Undead and [EDK]Vengence playing away...

I would like to first say thanks to [EDK]Lonka for letting us use his tables and to DG|Vandal for transporting them from Charlotte to Raleigh.Also would like to thank Mike/Jackal for helping me setup friday some of the loaner LAN cards we had for folks. Thanks also go out to DS|Bacchus for bringing and supplying the munchies (Much Needed). And I would like to thank of course all the folks that came and played.

The party was a pretty good success. Even tho we had a varying range of skills present, everyone kept a good attitude and had fun. The surprize Jem was the Rocket Arena play...we played a ton of RocketArena...maybe even a little too much. Of course we played some FFA games and a few (Not enough...damnit ;< ) Team DM games. Learned some cool tricks and got to finally see and watch [EDK]Raider in action with his SpaceOrb. Everyone got a kick out of the fact that I Was running the QW server on my ThinkPad 760XD (p166MMX/64Meg) Laptop. During setup I had moved the laptop to another hub for troubleshooting...so when I brought it back to the other hub in the other room I forgot to plug the AC back in...After about an hour and a half the server died...I had run the Battery Out! Crazy. The dining room had a battle of the Sub woofers...but I don't think anyone won in that one ;<  (The Computer room didn't have this problem). For those that were around for breakfest Sunday, we made a trip to Denny's (Of M3 Fame (?)). Of the 15-16 folks that were here, there were 12+ folks with 3dfx boards.

Two things that were cool in terms of must have was a sound file that Jackal/Mike brought called Internet from the show King of the Hill. And a gfx.wad replacement that chages the crosshair in quake from white to red and brightens the Quake fonts (makes them look REAL cool...thanks bacchus). Just place this in your QW directory.

Future Plans:
Got a ton of suggestions and feedback on how the LAN party went, between the one we had here in July and the one this weekend, for some good things to think about in planning the next one. The next one will probebly be the last Quake LAN party anyone ever goes to...Quake2!

This little LAN party Summary/Wrap up was written while lacking large amounts of sleep and so any detail or event left out was not intentional but the result of this state of mind...

Things that were cool:   Everyone kept a good open attitude though the good games and the bad.   We didn't have any Power Problems (which I think amazed everyone)   Space wasn't an Issue, with the suggestions from this LAN party I'm going to be a little bit more organized about what goes where for the Next one. We've seen what works and what hasn't. Lesson Learned   We had plenty of tables (Thanks Lonka/Vandal)   Bacchus brought tons of munches

Things that were not cool:  

Not enough time in the day
Not enough time in the day
Not enough time in the day