There were 2 rooms at the lan party with 2 teams, team YEAH and team [DG]. Each game had a slightly different lineup. The comments below are VERY slanted to towards the "YEAH" team since that was the team I was playing on and have first hand knowledge as to what was happening. The team games were 100% enjoyable because the 2 rooms were pretty well balanced and we had a ton of fun communicating via voice.

Don't think many folks will download the ones where the YEAH team loses since it's pretty boring watching a demo of someone getting the beat down. All of them are pretty entertaining. Take a look at demoplay to ease.

*Updates 7-9-00*

Found these while cleaning up my hard drive.

On the front row is Raider, Noogman, Wild, and Glide. On the back is Gargoyle and Time2Die.

In the front room (Living room) we have Vengence on the floor, Undead behind him, Vandal in the white shirt, Hydro-Ax (with his joystick/trackball rig), and Lonka in the far corner.

Pizza time! Left to Right we have Time2Die, Hydro-Ax, Lonka, Noogman, Bacchus, Raider, Glide, Gargoyle, and Wild.

Bacchus with his back turned to the camera, Noogie grabbing slices, Hydro-Ax in the back and Lonka doing his usual Lonka pose.

Time2Die's Ministry shirt...don't leave home without it.

The back room again.

Front room hanging out finishing up pizza.

Vandal and Hydro-Ax.

Undead showing everyone something. Hopefully not Age of kings.