Noogmans Quake LAN Party


Just got back from Noogmans LAN party. Had a blast as I think everyone did. Would thank Noogman and 2Wild4U for hosting the LAN Party. Johnny "Lonka"  for the tables, cables, and for helping set up everything. Time2Die and Aetius for organizing, setting up and bringing the network stuff (cables, hubs, switches, servers and such). To all those that helped move the furniture and clean up afterwards. Would like to thank Mindfazr for bringing his digital camera and Bunnyz, Mindfazr's wife, for taking the pictures. Glide for flying in to play. Vandal for helping get the keg.  We had about 14 folks. Folks that showed were...KI|Noogman, 2Wild4U, Mindfazr, Bunnyz, DG|Vandal, KI|Bioweapon, Aetius, KI|Time2Die, KI|HydroAx, KI|Lonka, DG|Bacchus, Gargoyle, Vertigo, Moon, and KI|Glide. If I missed anyone, it's cause I'm brain dead from this weekend's fun.

Here are some pictures that mindfazr took with his digital camera. I have some I took and will post latter this week.

noogs-lan09.jpg (67540 bytes)

Left to right. Vandal, Noogman, Aetuis, Time2Die, and Bioweapon standing with the Coke. This was when Lonka, Aetius and myself were tag teaming trying to get Bio's computer on the network. After 3-4 hours...bad network card was the end result. Someone please take that coke from bio...

noogs-lan10.jpg (112000 bytes)

Waiting to go eat Friday. Left to Right. TIme2Die (Super Concentrated Bitch), Vandal, Lonka (Johnny Lonka), Aetius, and HydroAx.

noogs-lan11.jpg (122619 bytes)

Mindfazr....the LAN P1mp. Also the proud owner of this camera.

noogs-lan02.jpg (61303 bytes)

Left to Right. Vandal's Shirt, Noogman (With the beginnings of a Fro), Huddled around Bioweapons computer while stilling trying to get it on the network...Bioweapon, Aetius, Lonka, and Time2Die with 2Wild4u on the far right.

noogs-lan03.jpg (74855 bytes)

Mindfazr, Vandal, and Noogman.

noogs-lan04.jpg (84059 bytes)

HydroAx with his Assassin 3d/Joystick combo. If anyone laughed at this setup when they first saw it...they didn't after they experienced a few smack downs from the Ax!

noogs-lan05.jpg (70344 bytes)

Friday nights entertainment waiting and ready to go...

noogs-lan07.jpg (80284 bytes)

Moon and Vertigo...what a groovy chair.

noogs-lan14.jpg (117126 bytes)

Vandal showing his musles in hopes of scoring some "ho ho's".

noogs-lan15.jpg (132849 bytes)

The KI Team that was present at the time. Glide and Bioweapon were missing from the picture but were at the LAN. Left to right. Mindfazr, HydroAx, Noogman, Time2Die, and Lonka.

noogs-lan16.jpg (114491 bytes)

Friday night's Dinner. Left to Right. Bioweapon (behind the post), Friend of Noogmans, Noogman, Aetius, Lonka, Time2Die, HydroAx, Vertigo, Mindfazr.

Would like to again thank Bunnyz, Mindfazr's wife, for taking the pictures.


Here are the pictures I took with my camera at Noogmans LAN party back in June. If you're connected to the net at anything slower than 64k go get something to drink, this page is a nice 700k load.

Buckwheat! (aka Noogman at his finest hour) Johnny Lonka showing all his quaking superiority
From foreground to back: Noogman, Vandal, and Mindfazr (the man who's computer needs no cover!). Vandal about to receive a little present from Lonka...

One of the cats...also known as Saturday nights entertainment in the absence of some "Ho Ho"'s

HydroAx in action with Lonka and Vandal in the background.

Noogman and Bioweapon

Left to Right:Moon, Gargoyle, and Bacchus (Bio-twerp strikes again!!!)

Smoking Patio:Lonka, HydroAx, and Gargoyle (Forgot his other nick).

Glide and 2Wild4u...dishing out rockets of love...

Sunday...packing day. Left to right...Glide, Bioweapon, and Aetius

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