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Man o Man...what a blast. Would like to thank all those that attended and helped make Noog's and Wild's LAN party one of the best LAN parties KI has had yet. Would like to thank Wild and Noog for hosting, Lonka for bringing the extra tables and networking stuff, Glide (Atlanta) and Grover (Boston) for making the long trek to attend (as well as everyone else that had to drive a ways to get here), Timer for bringing the networking stuff and the server, and everyone that showed up and had a good time. We played everything from QWCA to Q2 Rail Arena to Q3test FFA and team games (15 second respond time on the weapons seemed to work for the TP games). Wild, Vertigo, and Smeg both took a buncha of pictures. The below links are the pictures Vert and Smeg took...I should have the ones Wild took Monday. Since we had SOOOO many, I split them into sub pages for easier viewing...I've linked the pages together tho for easier viewing.