I usually write a little write up about the LAN but I think Noogs says it best:

Just wanted to thank everyone for attending the lan last weekend. It's always good to see new faces and those that we haven't seen in a while. Also, thanks to you guys that made that extra long trek to hang with everyone. I know those types of trips can be exhausting.

One thing I can always say about Killers Inc. is the civilized manner in which everyone acts. We always have a great time, nothing gets broken (that I know of), and the newest remodeling that we have done was untouched. THANK YOU! :) And a member of Killco has yet to be killed by a neighbor. Hope everyone had a great time playing and shooting the breeze. Wild and I are proud to be in a clan of such great players, and great friends. Look for us to be doing the lan again next year. 

Hopefully we will see a good many of you at the FRAG in August.

Thanks Again,

Noog and Wild

Here's a Second batch that I posted in the news but never Put here...TILL NOW! << PAGE 2!>>

Here's the first batch of pictures...

From left to right. Here we go...Jargirl, N8_dawg, Time2Die (woogoo!), Assreaper, InHarmsway, Gargoyle, Raider, Gouki, Noogman, Stingray, Lunk, Wild, Lonka, Glide, Nihilist, Aetius, and lostboy (Smeg's taking the pic).

Little blurry...hope the hard copies come out better...Smeg got in this one (down in front with t2d).

Catching a movie while Lonka in the back puts together Gargoyles PC...

"What would YOU do..."

"O yea...I know the answer!"

Another victim that didn't notice the camera until tooooo late

Check LB OUT! Love this pic...

Not gay...

OMG...no comment. <<Insert really rude joke here>>

Hi there.

Asking me about my special rates on custom cabling (biotch)

N8 Working it...

Lunks Bed. When we said "Find a spot to crash" we never thought of this one as a possibility!

Daddy Rail...

Cute :>

GATEKEEPER...but who is the KEYMASTER?

StingRay's EXTRA SMOOTH chair.

1v1? or (in Darth Vadar's Voice) "I Have you NOW"

Cold kicking it in the heat...

Must not have noticed the camera in my hand ;>

Wake up! A flash is a deadly weapon in a dark room...

Not peeing...(whatever that means :)

"Where's buckwheat!?"

...and this was BEFORE the shooters were passed around ;>

Kitchen time in da morning...