Great googley moogely...FRAG4 was a blast. Friday we had about 15 computers up and going (sorta) with some LAN action going. Made for sorta a mini-KI LAN party. Was a learning experience as we'd never had that many computers up and going at Smeg's. Had a few "trouble" machines, but nothing a few trips to Best Buy and the dedication and time of a few guests couldn't (eventually) fix. Power was an issue...but I think we know what to do next time for that. Next time success will be ours. Saturday was even better as we had a great FRAG4 experience with tons of prizes, a case of "Bawls" for all to try, and some great folks in attendance. One of the Unreal dudes came by with a couple of shirts and the new Unreal Tourney (Gold) CD that we gave away. Got to talk to him awhile about stuff in general. There were 3 tourneys; Unreal Tourney FFA, Quake2 2v2, and Quake3 3v3. Here's how everyone faired:

Unreal Tourney FFA
1. /dev/frag
2. Time2Die
3. JohhnyMojo
Quake 2
1. N8_Dawg & Time2Die
2. HydroAx & Lostboy
3. Rastaman & Schmoe
Quake 3
1. Noog, 2W1LD, Time2Die
2. Drizzit, Dantrang, ICE.9
3. Rastaman, HydroAx, Lostboy 

Big Thanks go out to Smeg for having everyone over Friday and letting everyone crash there. Thanks to everyone that helped get the "trouble" machines up and going Friday night (especially stud). Rasta and Schmoe for making the drive from Virginia (what dedication!). Noog and Wild and Speed for making the jaunt from Charlotte. Xypher for hopping a Jet to attend. The entire FRAG4 staff for putting countless thankless hours into making this happen. And everyone else for stopping, dropping, and attending FRAG4. (If I missed someone...sorry!).

Here are 2 animated gif's StingRay made of our Rail and Rocket pyramid we tried. For some reason we couldn't get the q3 server to allow more than 20 on startup without dying...sucked. <<Rocket>> <<Rail>> <<Rail Pyramid Demo>>

Glad to see Xypher getting some get the f*ck up!

Badmojo and Frankos discussing important stuff (cha!)

Noogie Taking home a Red-Hat shirt...

Speed and Assreaper playing...(Assreaper was the guy making drinks for everyone friday night...scary ehh?)

Quake2 2v2 Top 3 Teams...(Left to Right) Hydro-AX, Lostboy, Rastaman, Schmoe, N8_Dawg, & Time2Die...

Our table (except half of everyone is gone somewhere)...

General Shot...

Here we're playing in "Normal LAN" mode...

Here we're playing in "DISCO INFERNO BABY!" mode...Shagged'em...Shagged'em Rotten

Here are the demo's and SS's that I've gotten.

Quake2 - Time2Die & N8_Dawg (from Time2Die's perspective)

<<Game 1 SS>> <<T2d-n8-Frag4-2v2-q2dm1-game1>>
<<Game 2 SS>> <<T2d-n8-Frag4-2v2-q2dm1-rasta-schmoe>>
<<Game Final SS>> <<T2d-n8-Frag4-2v2-q2dm1-h20-lb>>

Quake2 - Lostboy & HydroAx (from Lostboy's perspective)


Quake3a - Time2Die, 2Wild4U, & Noogman

<<Game 1 - missing>>
<<Game 2 SS - Rastaman, Hydrox, Lostboy>>
<<Game 3 SS - Drizzit, Dantrang, ICE.9>>