Some fun was had at this almost bi-monthly event. It was a weekend of LAN'ing as Hydro, Smeg, and myself went Friday to a little mini LAN to warm up for Saturdays event. Had a nice like 8 player LAN game going. Then Saturday we shag'd all day long.

This time instead of a 1v1 contest it was a 2v2 contest. Hydro and myself entered with mixed results. Trying to split this one bitching 3 level FFA demo I have but KeyGrip2 is bitching about it so I only have the first level...

Time2Die Hydro-Ax
Game1 Game1 First game was against bsd|Count and Kosmos...loss
Game2 Game2 This game was a Win...
Game3 Game3 This game was a tear jerker (we lost) but is a good demo to watch.


This is Friday shagging some FFA


Ptackbar rocking the track ball


Mike stopping for a shot...


Cool dude that played with us...and provided the quote of the night "Isn't there a less humiliating  version of this game I could play?"


Some dudes at the FRAG watching N8-dog and Frankos 2v2


\Dev\Frag is the dude at the first table on the right (with the Pringles can)


Just a general pictures of the events.


Time2Die and Smeg working some frags


Another general pictures of the event


Time2Die and Smeg take a moment for the camera


Hydro-Ax and Time2Die relaxing