ECC 97 Lan party. This was a LAN party 4 months in the making. I had had a few 8 player LAN parties in Raleigh and tried to get the ball rolling with MrBungle, the guy that sorta ran ECC. Everyone wanted to have the LAN...but they wanted it in Charlotte, N.C. since like 80% of the folks lived there. So we finally got the date set and had our little LAN party in June (I believe) of 97. The location was to be MrBungles house, which was also a recording studio (kinda crazy)I brought the server and provided the hub (1 of 2) as well as helped install some loaner NIC cards and run cabling. We started around 6pm that Friday and finally got everyone going around 10pm (arg!). This would plant a seed in my aversion to folks showing up without NIC cards and/or network cables as I spent 3-4 hours Friday doing nothing more than just that. Once we got started tho everything was fine and we played till the we hours of the morning. Because of the number of people we had an upstairs group and a downstairs group of players that naturally turned into teams. There is still arguments to this day as to which floor ruled the roost! I'll dig up some SS's that show some of our crazy games! The whole event lasted 2 days with much playing (and drinking). Check the group photo for up and coming KI members...


Crusher - This guy like completely disappeared


Ahh yes...QUAD!

This dude was never seen again after the LAN...



The Group shot...left to right:
Gargoyle, RobRoy, Time2Die, Lonka, Spitfire, Rezin, Keelay, Crusher, MrBungle, Delusion, Vandal, Wild1, Noogman, and Fungu.

Same as the left one except you can see Fungu...

Cruising e1m1...



Crusher and RobRoy...

2 Dudes from Vnet (Comstar & ?)



Gargoyle and Lonka





Time2Die (again)

Vandal and Rezin