City Kill (Oct'99)

Would like to thank all the KI and friends that showed up and made this LAN party a success. We had a blast both Friday night over at Noogman's and Wild's and Saturday at City Kill. A CPU came lose, a sound card had to be re-seated, our hub wouldn't sync with the main uplink switch, and we had some early power problems that we had to deal with in the AM. But by Lunch we had everything working and going good (with food to boot). Thanks goes out to the City Kill admins who kept everyone calm and got everything taken care of. We signed up for the q3 3v3 tourney that was being held and the team of 2Wild4U, Noogman, and Time2Die took the top spot after beating out 4 other teams in a field of 11 teams. There was also a Q2 1v1 tourney in which our very own Killer_B ("All Killer...No Filler") took 1st with N8_Dawg taking 2nd. Magnus and Time2Die split 3rd out of a field of 16 folks.

group.jpg (54216 bytes)

Here's the gang! From Left to Right.
Back Row: Jargirl, Magnus, N8_Dawg, Noogman, Speed. 
Front Row: Smeg, Killer_B, 2Wild4U, Time2Die 
(Please note that KB is flanked on both sides by women...damn smooth). 
Hope to get a better copy of this when I get my pictures back.

kiq3-team.jpg (66719 bytes)

The KI Q3 team that took it all home...
Left to Right:2Wild4U, Noogman, Time2Die

excellent.jpg (74929 bytes)

Hanging out Friday night over at noogs...
Left to Right: N8_dawg, Noogman, Killer_B.

ki-shot.jpg (118836 bytes)

Killers Inc. @ City Kill
Back:Magnus, Noogman, 2Wild4U, Time2Die
Front:Killer_B, N8_Dawg

heysexypeople.jpg (56198 bytes)

"Hello Sexy People"


hah.jpg (65939 bytes)

Another Kodak Moment...
Bioweapon (Machine) and Noogman (Playing...or trying to heh)

heythere2.jpg (57730 bytes)

Magnus and Killer_B with -=LIU4Life=- standing (who took first place for l33t'est Quake nick)

bio-speed.jpg (60309 bytes)

Bioweapon (Machine) and Speed

hey-there.jpg (69487 bytes)

A-HA! Caught the picture of the picture taker!
Smeg and Jargirl

q3-oyea.jpg (70838 bytes)

Must have been shot during their Q3 3v3 game...(heh)
Magnus and Killer_B

view.jpg (75983 bytes)

Random shot...

view2.jpg (62727 bytes)

Yet another random shot...