October 2001
Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Mouse Tweak.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:07 PM EST

    3DSpotlight had a mouse tweak guide...pretty simple but page 2 might help a few through the PS/2 vs USB and has a good USB tweak (turn off USB error correction :)

Thursday, October 25, 2001

CAL2 Regular Season Ends.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:01 PM EDT

    The end of the CAL2 season has come to an end. Having finished #8 for the first CAL season (ahh...crazy days those were), KI has finish #5 for the CAL2 season. Here are the standings (ripped from cached.net):

1) Evolution (72)
2) Eradicate (66)
3) Affliction (66)
4) Massive Destruction (65)
5) Killers Inc. (64)
6) Virus 23 (64)
7) We Are Reasonable People (60)
8) Kung Fu Clan (59)

We get to play our good friends Md for the first round for the playoffs.

Here's your cake mr. gates.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:15 AM EDT

    Signs that you've completely sold out...you're doing concerts to celebrate OS releases. I guess money is money but I don't think I would do a concert that's purpose was the release of a product from a company like Microsoft, who if they get any bigger just might as well apply for the 51st US state spot. About the only thing MS isn't running these days is my icemaker and my porcelain g0d in the bathroom.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Cool Controller.
Posted by Time2Die@ 5:57 PM EDT

    Check this cool controller out! Not sure if anyone would use it and it sure would be hard to get used to...plus binds would be a thing of the past...hehe

Cool factor 10!

tb Open Sourced?
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:53 AM EDT

    There's a quote from the movie snatch that goes like this:

Brick Top: If I throw a dog a bone, I don't wanna know if it tastes good or not.

Time-b0t is a highly customized mIRC script that I run in the #killco channel. I at one point wanted to make it more "generic" so that I could actually release it to the public for consumption...but it was more work than it was worth so I didn't. Some people in the community have somehow mistaken time-b0t as a "Open Source" project that they can ask for parts and pieces of. When I give them "a bone" they assume that I should volunteer time to help them install, trouble shoot and tweak it. I alway try to give back to the community and will help anyone that asks for help on scripting problems, it's a lot of fun and rewarding. But I would have to say that I am willing to contribute an hours worth of my time to the person trying to write something from scratch than give 5 minutes to someone trying to hack some of my code to work.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

KI Fall Collection.
Posted by Time2Die@ 6:46 PM EDT

    Here's StingRay sporting a lovely fall suit. We see SR sporting the "Looking smooth" look followed by an amazing "Hi, I'm a real stand up guy" look. When we asked how his school was going he gave us the "riding the wave" but when asked about his college net connect he responded with much glee and made a playful gesture to the bandwidth demons below.

Monday, October 22, 2001

We Will Control You.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:29 PM EDT

    This is sick. Somewhere, someone has to draw the line as to the freedoms we're losing on the Internet by allowing all of our privacy to be violated without our consent.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Windows XP vs Windows 2000.
Posted by Time2Die@ 6:34 PM EDT

    Well...I went from 230FPS in Quake3 demo001.dm3 to 290FPS. Pretty cool ehh? That's with my config at 640x480. swoned...t2d's config

Cool Util - Port watcher.
Posted by Time2Die@ 6:25 PM EDT

    This works NT(4/2k/xp). It shows you exactly what is accessing your network connection...good for find spyware and just general checkup on stuff. Best part...FREEWARE! I love great utils that are also free.


Saturday, October 20, 2001

clan deluge...
Posted by StingRay@ 6:57 PM EDT

    Here's a kick ass article about what typically goes on in just about every clan. Drugs, sex, alcohol, corruption, etc etc. Go read:

Friday, October 19, 2001

CS goes even Gayer.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:59 PM EDT

    Ok. Get this...due to the September 11th tragedy, which I'm not in any way making light of, Angel Munoz of the CPL has posted that for the upcoming CS World championship that they changing certain things in the game...
(Ripped from http://www.shacknews.com/funk.y?comments=16588 )

1. The words "terrorist" and "counter-terrorist" have been replaced with the clan's name.
2. In-game text files containing the words "terrorist" "counter-terrorist" have been replaced with "offensive team" and "defensive team."
3. The text files containing the word "bomb" have been replaced with "device" and "communication device."
4. Sound wav. files containing explosion sounds have been deleted.

The action of the game now gravitates around a team trying to activate a communication device and the other team attempting to prevent that. //EOF

Amazing. Wonder if you can still kill people with bullets and knives or whether those have been replaced with more "PC" versions of death implementing devices as well. You can change the game around anyway you want, the object remains the same: kill shit and dominate control.

nvidia refresh fix.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:32 AM EDT

    New build that has quote: "Assload of other modifications and bugfixes"

The nividia refresh page is here and you can do a local download here...because fileplanet is gayer than anyone on the channel could ever hope to be :>

Posted by Time2Die@ 2:31 AM EDT

    bofh has been for a couple of weeks now writing up some CAL2 CTF predictions for cached.net.

:: Click here for the lastest predictions! ::

OGL Match vs PE.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:29 AM EDT

    Played out an OGL match last night vs PE for the #3 spot on the WorldOGL east ladder. The whole match went pretty smooth with only a few delays. KI won both games 1-0 in overtime as PE played a very cautious and conservative game. GG's to both teams for a great match.
Game1 - Game2

Posted by Time2Die@ 2:24 AM EDT

    Due to school and other interests, gore has left KI. He will remain in the channel tho so for many nothing will have changed :>

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

CAL2 match vs Warp.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:39 AM EDT

    Our match with Warp went off without a hitch...and without a warp cap hehe. Server selection went painless, which is always refreshing. The first game was our pick of q3wctf1 with KI winning 4-0. Warp had some great offensive rushes but was unable to capitalize. For the second game we played warps choice of q3wctf3. Both teams played hard but in the end KI ended up being able to turn it's offense runs into caps...6-0 actually. Bugzer dropped out in the last 15 seconds of game2 and didn't come back for game3. Game3's map of the week was JapanCTF (q3wcp1). KI finished game3 up 10-0, sealing the match and shutting out Warp. Great sportsmanship from both sides...GG! Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Wedding Time.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:24 AM EDT

    KI wishes Blaze good luck with his upcoming wedding as he takes the next 2 weeks off to travel to Florida to marry his woman and honeymoon before returning 2 weeks from now. Here's a pic of the blushing groom and bride to be!

Monday, October 15, 2001

State Fair.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:25 AM EDT

    StingRay, Pro, smeg, jargirl, n8_dawg, lukin and I all went to the North Carolina state fair this Sunday. Weather was initially great and we had a great time looking at the exhibits and finding Ray suitable goats to pet. jargirl and smeg milked a cow and we saw the huge butter sculpture that's bigger than 3 huge frig's. Enjoy'd the 50cent pickles and free hush puppies...then the Rain came. It rained...and rained...and rained. Finally we walked around in the rain looking for barn's at some pizza place he was supposed to be working at but came up empty. After awhile the rain ended and while we searched out for more food only to find the fair's biggest asshole in the form of a vendor that woulndn't let pro and smeg sit with us since "you're not paying customers". Another kodak moment! All in All the fair was fun and everyone seemed to have a great time...even if we were all wet from the rain :>

Scratch and Sniff.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:18 AM EDT

    Play and WIN!



Posted by StingRay@ 2:12 AM EDT

    I pet several goats today. I came for the the expensive food, the turbo goats, the rain, and the loose women.

Friday, October 12, 2001

OGL match vs RM.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:53 AM EDT

    We played RM for OGL Wednesday. Server selection was fairly easy going and we got started without incident. We played and lost wnoise by one in overtime 1-2. For the second game we played our map and won 8-0. For the tie breaker we played q3ctf2 and won 3-0. The match went off without incident and we're now #5 on the WorldOGL ladder. Game1 - Game2 - Game3

bofh's CTF prediction.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:44 AM EDT

    Check out bofh's CTF predictions here: http://www.cached.net/

Happy Birthday Sniper!
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:43 AM EDT

    Yes...he's finally legal...barely heh

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

That guy.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:05 AM EDT

    I'm sure you've seen the picture of the guy on top of the WTC with the plane looming...well now it seems he's starting to show up in other places as well!

...if you don't know. The first picture is a fake. The rest are all real...REAL I TELL YA!

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Coupe De la tante.
Posted by StingRay@ 10:06 PM EDT

    And now to you we present: A man with a taperecorder in his nose.

And now our main attraction: A man with a singing dinosaur in his nose.

Monday, October 8, 2001

Gamers' Gauntlet II.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:58 PM EDT

    G2 II was a love in. Tons of great playing and the tourneys went off without hitch. It was a dream LAN as not only was there a great crowd to socialize with there, but tons of playing to be had by all as well. Killers Inc. even took home the first place CTF spot after beating md (massive destruction) 2 out of 3 games. Long story short we won the first one after about 15min's of OT and paragon's PC crashing twice. Whether his PC had crashed or not we had the last cap in the bag. I have demo's...but anyway. The second game, which was the first game of the final match, we gave them q3wctf2 as the map to play as a sign of good faith on the earlier win even though we wouldn't have normally picked it had the previous match had not ended so strangely. That game lasted over 40 minutes without a score or a flag standoff before mD pulled off a cap to win 0-1. For the tie breaker we agreed on playing q3wctf3 which remained scoreless until over 15min's into the game when lukin pulled a cap out. Pro then went to pull in 2 more caps to win the last game 3-0. Lukin also won 2nd place in the quake3 1v1. Great job everyone! Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Also wanted to thank everyone that came. Prop's out to (haha...props): phred and gouki for being such OSP geeks, md for not killing us after the first game, supine for the q2 games and hanging out, H3 for helping me keep focused on the fun, Noogie, wild and the whole EoD crowd for keeping it real, the STFU cs clan for why I hate CS, sec.8 for reminding me that not all CS clans are like STFU, flav for all the pics (my camera broke before the event), the entire g2 staff busting ass to make this the best party yet, pimpbot for being human all weekend long and taking the baby oil/Kleenex prize combo...you own dude and of course smeg, which I don't have the room here to properly thank for all that she's done for me, the clan and g2.

If I left anyone out...it's only because it's late and I'm tired :>

New Member.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:23 PM EDT

    Blaze has been trying out for KI for a couple of weeks now. Much to everyones surprise he made the drive from basically Nashville, TN to Burlington , NC for G2. His great attitude and seeing him in action at the LAN helped seal the decision to invite him into Killers Inc. Welcome aboard bro!


Friday, October 5, 2001

G2 Time!
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:10 AM EDT

    Most of KI is off at Gamers' Gauntlet II this weekend. We'll be back Sunday night...

EoD Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:08 AM EDT

    We played our OGL match with EoD tonight. For various reasons we didn't get together before hand to discuss the possiblity of playing at G2 so we went ahead and planned on playing the match tonight as scheduled. Rebel brought up the idea of playing it at G2 5 minutes before we were supposed to play...too late. We'd already planned our night around this match. With that said we played the map, q3wctf1, which was our pick of course. After a shakey start and a couple of EoD timeouts due to lag and a phonecall rebel took we ended up winning the match 6-0. For the second game, EoD switched out their high pinging members and played their pick of q3wcp5. After a slow start we slowly edged out the win 4-1 with a last minute cap. Great game goes out to both teams for making the best out of the situation and hopefully next time we'll do a better job of pre-planning when and where we'll be playing. Game1 - Game2

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Tasty News Treats.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:51 PM EDT

    Leeched this from ShackES.com:

Demo Show Creator: Looks like a powerful demo playback util.

All Seeing Eye: Which looks to be a good replacement to gayspy, I mean gamespy.



Most amazing mouse.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:23 PM EDT

    glide, in one of his rare public appearences, reported to the channel that microsoft had a new optical mouse. In a nut shell, the mouse does 6000 DPI. The older mice did 1500/2000 DPI. DPI here should represent actually "images per second" as the way the mouse works is that it takes a little picture of the surface below the optical "red eye" and compares it to the last image it made as it goes. One of the points that old mousers have made against using the optical mice over standard ball mice is that the optical mice didn't work well under high tracking situations. "Flicking" the mouse caused the older models to get confused and miss track. Well...I can't get this one to do that no matter how fast I move it. It's just amazing...the box will say "v3" somewhere in the product name on the product box sticker.