September 2002
Monday, September 30, 2002

Ctfx week 2
Posted by plix@ 10:40 AM EDT

    KI vs -a- in Week 2.

Cp14 - Campers Crossings 5-0 KI

Campers is quickly becoming a favorite for KI. It was our pick and we made it count. There was some shakey PU control from the 5 min mark to about the 12 min mark, but we still staved off numerous attacks by -a-. They ran a 2 D 1 mid and 1 attack bitch and would coordinate 2 or 3 man rush's. If nothing else -a- has not lost their ability to really have precise, multiple manned attacks. The one thing they couldn't really do was get out of our flag room. With rock solid aim from both respect and tranz, there was no escaping with our flag. With DC attacking steadily and getting out quickly with n8 luring we were able to run away with a 5 cap lead.
Shut out sums this one up.

Cp5- Shinning Forces 2-1 -a-

Cp5 was Afflictions pick and they controlled the pace of this one.
-a- went strait to a 3 man defensive posture for the first 5 minutes of this match. I'm not sure if it was to get a feel of what we were doing, or if they were on the lamb from the first game, but they're decision to sit back worked well for them. By the third PU they were getting three to mid to lock down PU control, and this is really what gave them the edge. Once they gained control they never looked back and had no problem taking the win by 1. They kept the pace slow, but still managed to keep up the pressure on our defensive guys. A gax/haste cap is what gave them the edge. This segwayed right into a into a 7 minute standoff where we had each others flags. Unfortunatley we were just not able to penetrate there Defense. They were up and they knew they wern't the clan under the gun. We had a couple of nice attempts, but -a- controlled the clock, pu's and pace. Just too much to fend off, gg Affliction.

Cp9- Spiders Crossings 3-2 KI

Around the 5 minute mark I lost my connection as coach. This was a tuff spot for us. We managed to outplay them, though. Basically it was all out war for PU's from the 6 minute mark on. We knew, just as they did that one PU would make the difference. Between constant pressure on D, controlled attacks on O and solid dm'n for PU control in the middle with resp raining down rails on -a- in mid for most of the match, we held on to take the match 2-1.

As an aside: Affliction has not lost too much of there game. Perhaps some of the guys didn't have aim 100% back, but they definatly have not forgot'n how to play. They had some great attacks throughout the entire match. Season 2 should be that much more exciting with -a- in the mix.

ggs Affliction.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

ctfx2 Week 1 EoD!
Posted by Tranz@ 2:15 PM EDT

    EoD vs KI in Week 1 ctfx2!

q3wcp9 - Spider Crossings 10-0 KI

Spider was KI's map pick. This map was mostly run by KI's offense. Can we say Devilcow? Our defense kept it tight and naughty for the entire game. KI was able to time and take the majority of the powerups throughout the game.

q3wcp3 - Hot Crossings 9-4 KI

Fog was EoD's map pick. KI put tranz/Resp D, and Devilcow/Jester O. EoD coordinated attacks well, and got the flag out more often than we would have liked. DC and Jest kept the pressure on EoD's flag d while Resp held the mid nicely. After 20 minutes, KI was up by 5 caps.

q3ctf2 - Troubled Waters 6-2 KI

The third map for week 1 was good ole ctf2. Historically, EoD have been nashty on ctf2. If my memory serves me right, they have whooped up on KI a few times on troubled waters. Not tonight though. Both teams made this a fun map to watch. With the scores within 1 cap for the first half on the game. EoD seemed to make a hard offensive push about the 12 minute mark, and DC/Jester were able to sneak the flag out to make the final score 6-2 KI.

Screenies: Game 1 : Game 2 : Game 3

GGz EoD! Congratulations to sungun for joining Elements of Destruction!

Week 2: Clan Affliction. Gax is back with them. I guess they all kissed and made up.


Saturday, September 21, 2002

IRC woes.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:14 PM EDT

    O the fun we'll have! Check out the following article about the current ETG attack: Click Here!

It is unfortunate that ETG is getting DOSd but Id rather stick with them and tough it out than switch networks (again). Im not really ready to throw in the towel and switch to an unknown IRC network just because of a few days of downtime due to circumstances beyond ETGs control. Theyre working hard to keep the network up and we should stick with them to show them our support and appreciation for all their hard work.

Here are the ETG servers and IP's that I have as of now:

newzealand :
aussie/ky :
(?) :
(?) :

From a command prompt you can do a 'nslookup irc.enterthegame' and it will return what is currently setup to resolve and cycle when connecting.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 11:22 AM EDT

    Going for three matches this week! Woot! Getting back into the swing of things with two CTFX2 matches and had an OGL match thrown in for good measure. The first match was Monday vs our old arch rivals Recreational Malice (RM). RM has been away from the CTF arena for awhile and it showed for this match. We won our map q3wcp9 10-1 in a pretty decisive victory. q3wcp5 was their map pick and as you would think showed a stronger effort with KI winning 4-0. Good communication and power-up control is what kept the momentum going in KI's favor. For q3w7, RM tried a different 'pub' style tactic of putting 2-3 people constantly rushing our base in a gamble at getting our flag while returning theirs. We took this one 6-1 to wrap up our first CTFX2 match 3-0. GG RM - Screen Shots: Game 1 : Game 2 : Game 3

Last night we played EoD for the #3 ring on the OGL Open CTF league. A bit of a change from our previous encounters as EoD has recently lost 2 of their offense guys and are still working with that. EoD's map pick was evidence of that with q3wcp3 being picked over their favorite q3ctf2. We went up 2-0 on this map but towards the end EoD made a strong push and capped late in the game in an effort to tie to send the match into overtime. Under this late offensive pressure KI kept it together and made some key plays to keep our flag out of their base and made a last minute cap to win the match 3-1. For q3wcp9 KI dominated the powerups on both sides and won that map 6-1. GG EoD - Screen Shots: Game 1 - Game 2

We have our other CTFX2 match Thursday vs Cruciform.

Monday, September 9, 2002

NVrefresh Tool.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:16 PM EDT

    NVrefresh Tool is up to 2.0. If you don't know about Win2k/WinXP's monitor refresh rate bug...then ignore this post otherwise Click here.

XP Tweaking.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:11 PM EDT

    Found 2 monster links on how to tweak the most out of Windows XP. Stock XP installed cleanly has a ton of services running that aren't needed taking up valueable CPU and memory space/time. Nuts tweaking and just down right insane.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 2:22 PM EDT

    Played Yourmama last night for OGL. I wasn't involved with the match but looking at the screenshots it looks like we shut out yourmama and won 2-0. How many times can you say that? It's not nice to shut out yourmama...

Screenshots: Game 1 : Game 2

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

WSC OGL Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:54 PM EDT

    We had an OGL match last week with WSC. Game 1 was WSC's pick of cp14. With some good PU control we were able to make the runs that counted for a 5-0 win. Keeping things interesting we picked cp14 for our map and kept the pressure on rolling to a 9-2 win. Fun stuff!

Game1: Screen Shot - Stats
Game2: Screen Shot - Stats