September 2001
Thursday, September 27, 2001

Quake3 1.3 PR.
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    Local Mirror here:

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    Here's aninterview with Phil Zimmerman, the guy that created PGP, and his thoughts on encryption during these trying times.

I usualy keep my social and political views pretty much to myself as I know that debating my opinions (notice the absence of me trying to state them as fact) is a fruitless chore. I believe most people change their minds from experiences and research, not spoken words. In the past few weeks in the aftermath of such a world changing event as we have witnessed, I have cringed many times at some of the talk going around about giving up personal freedoms for safety. Mostly in the area of privacy and talk of adding cryptography backdoors and setting up email scanning to monitor for specific words or phrases. I associate computer technology control to that of gun control. A quote that I think of when thinking about these ethical issues is: "If you outlaw guns, the only people that will have them will be the outlaws."

We live in a mostly free country. Each day the government pecks away a little more of our freedoms in the name of "the good of the people". I can be observed. I can have my phone conversations recorded. I can have my financial records reviewed and my background checked. I can have my mail read and my comings and goings recorded. Everything about me can be monitored and documented and in that I can be controlled.

In exchange for "safety", what you're really doing is giving up your freedoms and allowing your life to be monitored and controlled. Don't let your freedoms be taken away.

New Member.
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    KI welcomes transient into the clan! transient is a Libra that enjoys quiet strolls at night and knows how to enjoy a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. Check his profile out here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

OGL vs Aztec.
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    Played our OGL match against Aztec tonight. Started out with a 4-0 win on W1 and finished the match on cp4 winning in overtime 1-0. Game1 - Game2

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    Went to the Incubus concert with smeg, N8_Dawg, jargirl, lukin and nekachu. Was a great show with Incubus providing a good balance of songs over their entire discography. The sound was VERY balanced with no one instrument or vocals over powering the overall sound, which was above average for the "Ritz" (the venue that they were playing at in Raleigh). The show also showcased the band's many different sounds and strengths in performing live. The crowd was very receptive to the band and in a few cases...shared a moment. It was a dream concert where the band played with excitement and energy, the crowd was pumped up and attentive to the band and the sound was well mixed and clear(at least where I was standing). Two thumbs up! Thanks also go out to N8 for standing in line early to score those seats/places.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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    We played n1p for week 4 of CAL2. Their a central clan so server selection was a but tedious but we settled for "Monster" which is a central server and played game one on it. Our average pings were 100 and their's were 70-80ish. KI took game one 6-0. For the second game we switched servers for a server with a little more even pings...KI won game two 20-1. Game1 - Game2

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    Trying to play catchup but still running behind on news and stuff. The beach trip was great with everyone having a blast. I'll have a some pictures up later tonight or Wednesday of a few choice moments. Right now we're off to see Incubus in Raleigh.

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    Sploid has left KI due to personality conflicts within the clan.

Friday, September 21, 2001

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    We're off to the beach to hang...without PC's! hehe...o boy.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

Time revisited.
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    lukin (via a handy url paste) passes along that the utility that fixes the refresh problem Win2k has been updated to support WinXP as well. Just because it says "120" in ur monitor display doesn't mean that's what you'll get in game. Games will feel noticablely faster...but use this with caution as it can screw up your display settings AND has to be re-installed everytime you update drivers.

And a local mirror here:


Return to Wolf3d!
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    Here's a local mirror for the Multiplayer test:

And there's a server up on

The server is a CPU hog from hell...averaging around 80% CPU Util. on a p3 550 with 20 players (I think that's right hehe).

Monday, September 10, 2001

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    Bad_Mojo sends along this cool link:

For those that don't like the new installer from nvidia here are the drivers for Win2k zipped up. Just unzip and update your video drivers. Here's the nvidia 2181 link. That will work for both Win2k and WinXP.

Sunday, September 9, 2001

Speakeasy servers.
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    In what might be the best thing in a long time in terms of servers, put a ton of q3 OSP servers up in like 4 eastern cities and one in LA and one in Chicago. Here's the list:

  • Los Angeles: - 27962
  • Chicago: - 27962
  • Philadelphia: - 27962
  • New York City: - 27962
  • Washington DC: - 27962
  • Boston: - 27962

    Ripped from this link

    Friday, September 7, 2001

    Posted by StingRay@ 3:06 PM EDT

        Sure, alcohol kills brain cells, but maybe you should take this into consideration:

    Wednesday, September 5, 2001

    G2 Registration.
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        Gamers' Gauntlet will be opening its registration up tonight.

    Click or DIE!

    Tuesday, September 4, 2001

    Posted by jargirl@ 8:22 AM EDT

        Welcome back to KI|bofh. Formerly known as UnnamedPimp, bofh has rejoined KI. He will be a great asset to KI and to our Defense.
    Welcome Back!!!!

    Monday, September 3, 2001

    BCTFL vs. Md
    Posted by jargirl@ 11:08 PM EDT

        Tonight we played Md for BCTFL. The first map was W2. This map started off pretty well and then went downhill. Md dominated and won by several caps.
    W1 was a very close match. With about 5 minutes left Md was up 1-0 and there was a flagstandoff. In the end both flags were returned and KI lost 1-0.
    Result: 2-0 Md

    The following is my opinion only. It does not represent any other KI's: During the flagstandoff on W1 Md called a timeout for no reason. I know this isn't "against the rules", but I also know that most, if not all players find this very annoying. I'm not saying we would have capped without their calling a timeout, but I am saying that I thought that was very uncool. Talk all you want, use coaches, use binds, but ruining the others team 'groove' and momentum is just not very sportsmanlike in my mind.