July 2002
Wednesday, July 31, 2002

CTFX Finals pt2.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:40 AM EDT

    After pulling what was probably considered an upset vs. H3 after losing to them in regular season and then pulling out another upset vs. TEIN, the finals no matter the out come would be nothing but gravy. After the semi-finals I got up with gome and we decided that DFW would work just fine for the match...which took most of the pain out of getting our match played. The pre-game was a little bit annoying as we had problems finding someone to run the KI GTV. But all in all everything went smoothly with an absense for the most part of any talkie talk. We played and I coached what was a frustrating match...mostly due to us losing 2 games to 0. Due to the OGC bot running rampant, both teams were required to provide demo's of the games played. Afterwards things were pretty calm as CTFX wrapped up. Here are the demo's posted on ctfx.org:

Game1 - q3ctf2 [ Ref ]
THE: [ gome ] [ pack ] [ skim ] [ watts ]
KI: [ blaze ] [ n8_dawg ] [ respect ] [ lukin ]

Game2 - q3w1 [ Ref ]
THE: [ gome ] [ pack ] [ skim ] [ watts ]
KI: [ blaze ] [ n8_dawg ] [ respect ] [ lukin ]

Saw off of cached.net a link to a thegome interview on challenge-us.com that towards the end gives out props to KI. It's funny that he commented on w1 he thought we were all D...we thought they were all D :>

Here's the SS's from the games: Game1 - Game2

No stats as I was coaching off the laptop and I don't have voodoo stats setup on it yet. Could rip them from the demo's but sometimes they don't turn out 100% accurate.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The day after...
Posted by plix@ 1:54 PM EDT

    KI took it to THE, but it wasn't meant to be. THE took the lead in game one and didn't look back.

Ctf2: 3-0 THE
3W1 : 2-1 THE in O.T.

Two hard fought games and KI kept it a class act.


Monday, July 29, 2002

Posted by plix@ 8:29 PM EDT

    Ok folks, we're closing in on the Ctf match of the year.
This is it!
This is what you've been waiting for!
Match time is schedules for 9:30Pm
Gtv server is : gtv.ctfx.org:27970
Irc on Etg : #killco, #ctfx

This match is being shoutcasted by Dj Wheat and let me tell you, he know what's up and gives a great shoutcast. If you've never heard one before, tonight is a great night to start!

So get your shit together and get pumped people. This will be a great day to remember!

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Point restated.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:42 PM EDT


I don't want another clan spec'ing our clan in a match. If we had known that GTV was being run by an EoD person we would have asked them to leave. No one has apologized from EoD over this which has only added to insult. Having someone from EoD running GTV was stupid and they should have known that. If I was petty I would have filed a complaint and we wouldn't have reported. I really don't think EoD cheated, I'm still floored by what said on both sides and attitudes in general. Interpretations of the events can be taken to both extremes of who was at fault. I will stand by what I said about how it all started and am appalled how it's gotten blown out of proportion.

The point of my post discounting EoD's win with excuses can be taken anyway you want. People will ask what happened and in a nut shell that's what happened.

EoD vs KI.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:21 PM EDT

    Last night we played and lost to EoD for OGL. Since we didn’t have the roster restrictions we have with CTFX we mixed up the teams a little with our new members to see what happened. Game1 was our pick of q3w3, which saw N8 and Plix on O and t2d and blaze on D. This game was a seesaw affair with EoD going up early only to have KI one two punch back with rapid caps to put us up 2-1. EoD came back and tied it up 2-2 but we were able to squeeze one more cap out to win it 3-2. For CTF2 we messed around with putting DevilCow and tranz on D with blaze and N8 on O. A close game where EoD capped around the middle of the match and we were never able to even the score and during a late match pushed allowed them to cap again winning 2-0. The tie-breaker was q3w7 which respect was able to come in and play D with N8_dawg and with Devilcow and blaze on O. Another seesaw map with KI going up early only to have EoD creep back in with 2 caps to win 2-1. GG EoD!

Game1: Screen Shot : Stats
Game2: Screen Shot : Stats
Game3: Screen Shot : Stats

Now some notes on this match. On the second map GTV connected which I didn’t notice till after the game at which point I asked who was running and was told by sF that it was yrim. After the match I asked him just to follow-up since I lukin kept mentioning Gouki from EoD running it (and skipping around instead of following power-up) and sure enough he confirm that he wasn’t running it. EoD swears up and down that they were not running voice comm and did not benefit in any way from having GTV there. You can draw your own conclusion but next time I will press the issue. Maybe GTV just gave us bad luck…

On the other pre and post talk…if you act like an ass to someone, don’t get all offended when they act like one back. People were provoked by others words and action and things got out of hand but the response of those involved was caused by the actions of others who never offered explanation or apologies for being out of line in the first place. Wee…

Posted by Time2Die@ 10:16 AM EDT

    We played and won our TEIN match last Monday for the CTFX semi-finals. We came in the under-dogs and we knew we had to play hard and smart to win it. The match surprisingly lacked any of the hassles many of us feared we’d have to endure to get this match played. But much to our surprise we pretty much got in the match channel, picked the maps and tb, and selected a server and played. TEIN picked CP6, we picked CTF2, and TEIN picked CTF1 as the tie-breaker from the two choices of CP1 and CTF1. TEIN picked blue and we picked to go first (duh).

Game 1 was pretty intense as the game was fought mostly in the mid as one clan tried to claim it as their own. About half way through Blaze brought home the bacon in what we thought might just be the winning cap as we held off TEIN till around the 19min mark when they finally were able to convert a flag standoff to a cap. Overtime! Back to work…we continued to work their D as they tried to weasel ours. It was the ole one two attack of Blaze and N8_Dawg that brought home the winning cap with Blaze attacking and grabbing the flag only to be stopped by TEIN’s D. In the meantime N8 was in position to grab the flag and made a made dash for ours to win it 2-1.

CP6 was a heart breaker and looked like it was going to be a 2-0 KI win when at the 15min mark Gax got a TEIN cap and then another to tie 2-2. At that point they were on a roll and we never recovered going down 3-2 and then with a 4 man rush finally losing 4-2.

The third map was much of the same, intense fighting for control of the middle section of the map. This map could have gone either way as both teams took turns controlling (Read: owning) the middle. Blaze was able to cap about mid game but TEIN’s pressure was too much as they tied up the game 1-1 around the 19min mark. More overtime…wee! Towards the end of the match, (the end is near! :) I think KI was dominating more towards the end of overtime as we got TEIN’s flag to mid a couple of times before finally winning. There was some scandal in the way this map was won as Gax grabbed our flag, Blaze grabbed theirs and both made a dash for mid. The problem was that most of the server was lag locked and so each team had only really a couple of players. Blaze went through the middle and someone was able to stop Gax and his escorting from getting past the Red door. Blaze actually killed himself at the flag due to locking up himself and sancho made the winning cap. It all happened so fast that neither team was able to call a time-out before everything was said and done. The ending cap could probably be disputed but I think both clans know that this game could have gone either way, lag or not. Here are the goodies!

Game1: Screen Shot - Game Stats
Game2: Screen Shot - Game Stats
Game3: Screen Shot - Game Stats

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

NLaN and back
Posted by plix@ 9:23 AM EDT

    KI was at the Netherlan this past weekend. Respect, Ten and myself all attended. While the Lan was fun overall, there were a few issues that deflated the experience. First off the bat was the fact that no one was crowned a winner that Saturday. I beleave seven clans were present. Due to the fact the 1 on 1 tourney went way over schedule the Ctf tourney was forced to start later then anticipated. On a personal note, while I knew everyone was plugging to keep things rolling, I was really disappointed that the 1 on 1 tourney got so much of the spotlight. Not only did it interfere with the Ctf tourney, all the Ctf'rs were forced to watch a handful of players compete in a tourney that no one was really that interested in. Not to mention the fact, that in the semi's (where 4 people were left) two of the semi-finalists bowed out of the tourney to play with their clans in the Ctf tourney. So two guys went strait to the finals and the only reason they even went to the Lan was to play in the 1 on 1 tourney. And to make it tougher to swallow, we watched the winner get handed a trophey and a Radeon 8500 video card. After all the "ceremonies" for the 1 on 1 completed we finally rolled into the Ctf tourney. This was looking like KI's title to take home. We breezed through our qualifing round with a score of 30-0. We took on TKR2 with another shutout of 21-0. We got into the semi's without breaking a sweat. The only clan we were "concerned" with was Gi and in the semi's is where we'd face off with them. We won game 1, 3-1. Then it all went to hell. For reason's beyond anyone's control the sports complex the LAN was being hosted at decided we had to leave. *This was really unbeleavable.*
We did not finish the semi's. We were told to pack up and that the tourney would be completed the next day. None of KI knew this was going to day two and none of us were able or capable of making it back the second day.
To say this was a major disappointment is a huge understatment. From what I heard in following couple of days, KI was actually charged a forfiet to GI and GI ended up going to the finals to take the title. I really don't have much to say. I know the people running the LAN were definately doing their best to keep it all together. This was KI's LAN, no doubt, and to see it go down the way it did left a really sour taste in in all our mouths.
My hats off to admins, it was a tough day and they did the best they could.

I have a liberal write up on my website about my own personal experiences involved in the day of the LAN. It takes a different look at the whole day, but I think it's a pretty good read. If anyone is interested check it out over at http://plix.no-ip.com . It's under the "wild tangent" section and I just had a little fun with the write up. If it's something you liked, drop me an email or come by #killco on irc.enterthegame.com and share your opinion.


Wednesday, July 10, 2002

H3 CTFX Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:27 PM EDT

    Played and won our CTFX match vs H3 last night. I thought we had decided to play on Tuesday with H3 but there was confusion that H3 resolved by agreeing to go ahead and play. I thought they were going to field their regular CTFX lineup that we had faced 2 weeks previous and had a tough time with, but solo was absent from the lineup. With that, H3 picked the highly defensive q3w7 as their map and we picked q3ctf2 as ours since our last match up had produced mixed results on our normal pick. First game had KI pushing hard against a well defended base, using the powerups to try and work the never ending H3 defense down enough to get the flag. The game ended up being a standoff and was won with a cap from blaze 22 minutes into OT. Insane. For CTF2, we capped within the first 5 minutes and then again by the 11 min mark and ended up finishing the map 5-0. Really great match with the 2 maps having majorly different playing styles to spice it up. Here's a hodge podge of match stuff:

Game1: Screen shot - Game Stats
Game2: Screen shot - Game Stats - Coach Demo

Yes I know the second page of stats is missing. We now a wait the outcome of the TEIN/EOD match. GG GUYS!

Monday, July 8, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 2:51 PM EDT


Seems to be up...

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

VHC match.
Posted by esclay@ 9:59 AM EDT

    Played our good friends VHC last night for OGL. Server selection wasn't too hard but VHC had some player problems in terms of getting someone on that wasn't badly lagging. For game one we played our choice of q3w3. About 5 minutes in VHC was able to sub it's "laggy" player. VHC played a conservative game but we were able to work out the nessary caps to take the win 4-1. Game 2 was VHC's pick of cp14. For this game we kept the pressure on keeping VHC stuck to the middle and pushing them back to their base as we pounded on their D. With good power-up control and offensive coordination , we were able to take a 2-1 win. GG GUYS!
Game1 - Game2

Monday, July 1, 2002

Hi, i'm plix
Posted by plix@ 6:56 PM EDT

this is the third attempt at me writing this introduction. the harder i try the stupider (is that a word?) it sounds. so i'm going to do it the way i always do it. my way. well sorta my way. t2d has a great format here so i don't want to pollute it too much with my "no caps", psuedo crappy, i'm cool, way of writing. i will tell you this, though. i write alot and when i write i know what i'm talking about. the great thing about words is accountability (i'm sure you're all deviously happy about the irc log you've been keeping for the last three years because of that time that dude on irc told you about that other dude, but said to not say anything!) and my point is this: when you get info from KI it's no bull$hit. you get the real deal and a little (or alot) of my opinion (usually alot) in my writing. i try to be as honest as i can be. while alot of news posts here are just that, news, you'll also get the snappy wit and banter of the KI crew. (really news is news, but we gotta get you people excited one way or the other!)well, that's it for my super introduction to everyone. capless and all. (this will be the only one t2d, don't worry...) so in a more formal intro, with someone who gives a crap, it would go something like this...

My name is KI|plix and I'll be helping out with news posts to keep everyone up to the minute with community and industry news involved in or realated to Quake 3 Arena Capture the Flag.

the new guy,