May 2002
Thursday, May 23, 2002

Tonights Task.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:52 PM EDT

    Here is the plan for tonights CTFx match brought to you by Penny-Arcade

Thursday, May 16, 2002

GDI OGL Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:07 AM EDT

    Played our OGL match vs GDI tonight. GDI had a good turnout of people where we were lean and mean on our selection of people to play. At any rate we dusted off q3w3 and played it a bit. GDI played a great game but were unable to stop our advances and ended up losing to our 4 caps. For game two we played GDI's fav q3ctf2...a map that we've had good success at winning. A close game early with both teams fighting hard and with a 0-0 score at about the 12min mark BTF finally got the enemy flag out of the heavily defended base for a cap. In the next 5 minutes we then got another couple of cap's with Blaze and bofh both capping the enemy flag to finish the game off 3-0 in KI's favor. Great job all around. Game1 - Game2

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 11:14 PM EDT

    Played our good friends VHC for week2 of CTFX. We started off with a recent favorite, q3w3 and brought home the win 6-0. The second map was q3wcp14 and as expect VHC came out strong with a cap within the first 30 seconds after restarting the map after tyrant's ISP went out. VHC played a hard game and for a good part of the game we were either tied or down to VHC but in the end we were able to adapt to their attacks and pushed back enough to take the lead and the win. For map three we had to wait some more as VHC scrounged up a 4th. This weeks map three was q3w7, a clan favorite...umm yea. The third and final game flip-flopped around until we took the lead around 15min only to have VHC tie it up with 2 minutes left. Overtime...which only lasted about a couple of minutes with N8_Dawg making tie breaking cap. Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

For a good laugh...
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:36 PM EDT

Check out this ripoff of our site design. Even the content has been ripped off...

EDIT: The site has been removed and a splash page has been put in it's place with a nice email expressing how he was only "borrowing" the site design till he finished his. Happy ending!

Monday, May 13, 2002

Eradicate OGL Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:09 AM EDT

    Had our match last Wednesday against eradicate. We picked w3 as out match and went 0-1 early only to come back and win it 2-1. For w7, their pick, we ended up losing 1-2 in a match that could have gone either way. It really hurt us not having our regular offensive lineup for City Crossing’s as we had to field bofh, who had recently announced that he was going part-time while he was focusing on CTFx and jk2, but who did a great job picking up and playing a solid game. For the third map it was another toss up as we played a map that was a q2 ctf remake. It was not 100% balanced as the blue base (e!’s) was a lot easier to defend and once they got a cap towards the end of the game they continued to attack but were more defensive. Even with a 4 man rush we couldn’t get in the front door…and that’s how we lost our #1 OGL spot. The TB map was “Heat” – q3wc3. Game1Game2Game3

Movies this weekend.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:47 AM EDT

    Saw a couple of movies this weekend. Got "Iron Monkey" which is a great kung-fu flick, it's like crouch tiger without all the compassion and more of the ass kicking! Also saw Spider-man since the rest of America seems to have already. It was pretty good...didn't 100% like the ending as it pertained to the girl but everything else rocked. William Dafoe works great as the Green Goblin and everyone else was pretty well casted including Peter Parker and even J. Jonah Jameson, Parkers hard nosed boss, who did a great job. Saw K-PAX as well...which got so-so reviews but after watching I thought was pretty good. Jeff Bridges I thought was great in Arlington Roads, so if you liked him in that then you'll like this flick which also had an over the top performance from Kevin Spacey. Wish I could review matches the same way I do movies hehe...

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 10:35 AM EDT

    Always the heavy are some links to lightn your day:

The dude from has reviewed the lastest Star Wars. He's a real down to earth kind of guy that does a pretty good job of reviewing films in a non-HollyWood style.

Real Genius is finally coming out to DVD. If you've never seen this's an 80's thing :>

And I think most people have seen this game...but if you haven't, Click here to burn people alive with a magnifying glass!

Game Censorship.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:35 AM EDT

    I grew up in the middle 80's. During that time there was a huge movement with parents and lawmakers that wanted to label and censor music from the youth of America. I became very engrossed in the debate and my war cry was that parents wanted the government, through labeling and censorship, to parent their kids for them instead taking an active roll in discussing, teaching, and helping their children learn and understand what it was they were listening to. You can't get the wrong idea about issues and situations that you have already discussed and learned about. I think the movement to ban and censor kids from violent games is the same copout that would rather take the easy way instead of having to deal with the real issues at hand. Of all the problems facing American teens...violent games is the least of their problems. Video Game Bill.

Monday, May 6, 2002

Your digital rights under attack again.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:42 PM EDT

Your freedoms of choice are being sold out again by the very people elected to fight for them...the implications are so far reaching it's disgusting. I will not buy copyrighted material that then reports what I have "consumed" back to some company or worse, the US Government. What if I bought a book that later a terrorist is found to have read and the government then investigates anyone that has bought such materials pulling from it's "verified" list...

Thursday, May 2, 2002

CTF and Camping.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:36 PM EDT

    Umm...yea. Here's a penny arcade that addresses said subject (substitute briefcase with flag):

Recently been hearing people on public (area51), pickups, scrims, and even matches complain about "camping". To quote Aliens: Did IQ's just drop sharply while I was away? Haha...too funny! All I have to say is people need to relax on the "all d" and just play. Ain't no thing to worry bout yo yo.

CTFx clans: a ranting.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:49 PM EDT

    CTFx is gearing up with over 22 teams signed up. I think the challenge will be to keep those teams playing as school for a lot of people whines down and the summer starts. It's refreshing to see the turn out that CTFx has had but only time will tell how committed those teams are to the community and to themselves in finishing the commitment they have made in signing up to compete. I would much rather compete in a smaller tourney that is more consistent and reliable than a larger one that after 3-4 weeks is plagued with people losing interest and the drive to compete. I think the difference with this tourney and others like it are that CTFx admins and staff are committed to seeing this through and helping in any way to keep the tourney going smoothly and keeping it fun for everyone. And I can understand why teams drop out and lose interested. It can be very disheartening for teams that are having troubles early on to continue playing due to organization, communication, connection, and even level of playing problems. To achieve success in anything requires time, commitment, and work. One problem with organized online playing (read: clans) is that most people just want to get online and play. Dealing with the details and the day to day management a clan demands is time consuming and the benefits of your work aren't always immediately obvious. Staying focused on long term clan goals and assessing problems and shorting comings by making the necessary changes is what technically will keep a clan going. And then there are of course the un-written elements like friendship, player chemistry, and clan image (perceived or real) that also keep a clan together. Clans that play together, stay together. KI is what it is today because of it's commitment to the gaming scene, the clan, and it's members in playing competitively and having fun. Balancing those two elements long term is the impossible dream every clan strives for. Being truthful with yourself and others and being realistic and practical in dealing with situations both easy and hard, will in the long run payoff. And with that I end a paragraph that has lost its original direction.

The REAL Michael Bolton.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:47 PM EDT

    I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and was reading the funny "10 stupid questions" they have from time to time which this time featured Michael Bolton. Here's the office space question:

Do people confuse you with the "Michael Bolton" Character from Office space?

Everything I do will be a promotion of Office Space for the rest of my life. They had to make that Fucking movie! Do you know what it's like having 22-year-old kids walk up to you and go, "Oh, my god, it's, like, the real Michael Bolton. Like, dude, have you seen Office Space?" I was doing fine. Then they made this movie, and I can't go anywhere.

I tried finding this online... o well.