December 2001
Saturday, December 29, 2001

Capture the Flag level index.
Posted by esclay@ 11:06 AM EST

    Been working off and on at making a level index for all the lastest CTF maps that are current out and in tourney rotation. Basically it's a visual representation of the id, threeware, and osp CTF levels that are out including a thumb nail shot, map title name and map file name. As an extra bonus (woo!) I have create a page that has all of the map title names with cooresponding map name. Check it out!

Monday, December 24, 2001

Christmas is fun
Posted by StingRay@ 6:52 PM EST

    Talleyho! Time for another update, Christmas Eve style.

Happy Birthday to Jesus! Tomorrow will he will be 2001 and should have a pretty sore bum after all of those spankings. The three kings will probably be bringing Icy Hot, painkillers, and cold packs.

Managed to pass all of my finals with flying colors and a 3.0 overall GPA. Hopefully that means I'll be able to get a decent COOP job during Summer term, National Security Agency here I come.

Lucky me, I got my Christmas/Birthday present early, a new PC, wheee! Got an Athlon XP 1800+ processor (which died the first day I had it)with an Abit KG7-Raid board, 512MB DDR, 24X burner and a shiny new case with 400 Watt power supply. I finally made the transition to Windows XP (Win98SE for life), which was purely a marketing decision. Everything runs pretty freaking good and I can finally set all of my graphics to maximum once again. Only disappointing thing is that I'm running out of games to play!

Speaking of birthdays, this clan reached the four year mark on December 15th! We've seen so many changes that we're considering making a novel (chapters 1-6 will be QW exclusive). Amazingly, two founding members still remain Glide (who?) and Time2Die.

In other news I started a makeshift Return to Castle Wolfenstien clan called Coalition of the Turbo Goats. At the moment it only consists of myself, Lot3k, and other TN'ers. Come check us out on ETG @ #cotg. Make sure you bring a towel, cause it's laid out like that.

Thats all for now, have a good one!

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Tranz and the Ring.
Posted by esclay@ 10:35 AM EST

    If you haven't heard, the guy that gave up on going to the last g2 in favor of seeing his girlfriend, has gotten himself engaged to be a woman no less! :>

Friday, December 21, 2001

PmI Match.
Posted by esclay@ 6:13 PM EST

    Played our first PM Invitational match against PM Wednesday. We knew this would be a tough match and PM didn't let us down. Server selection went ok pings fairly even (save blazes evil spikage) and the games went off without a hitch. Had a few pauses due to connection spikes on both sides. Here are the SS's: Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Friday, December 14, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 3:50 PM EST

    Lots going on. We played our last CCL match against -a- last week with a 0-2-1 result. Probably will comment on that later as it was a (mr toads) wild ride. It seems that CCL has gone the way of the wild side which is very disappointing. Here's the link to that on One of the primary reasons it was created was to allow clans to compete in a more focused and active tourney than CAL2. The amount of forfeits and BS that was put up to get to the post CAL2 season was at times unbearable and I think that if both had been running at the same times CCL would have been received more favorabily. CCL had bad timing with CAL2 ending, @home BS, and people winding down their semesters and starting the Holiday season. It also suffered from admin time and support and a long delay between idea and concept to implementation which didn't help. Strike while the fires are hot or don't strike at all.

Our Eradicate OGL match didn't happen due to bad timing and planning on their part. Didn't have enough to field and gave us the forfeit over rescheduling. I would say as PmI heats up and CAL3 maybe starts, rescheduling will become a chore again as it has been in the past. For the record, we didn't mind rescheduling. Playing and having fun is still our #1 goal.

What the community could use is a online tourney system that is generic enough as to allow it to be installed and customized for whatever game or mod you're playing. WorldOGL has their system and had one as would be nice to see something that CAl, PmI, and other would be organizers could use to streamline the one big headache (other than scheduling/ref'ing) and that's keeping up with the team info and match results.

Been playing a lot of RTCW. lukin pointed me to a forum thread that listed all of the voice macro's ni bindable form and since then making teamwork work on pub servers has been 100% easier (MOVE! FOLLOW ME! FIRE IN THE HOLE!). I'll post my RTCW config later this weekend...what a pretty game.

OSP 1.0 comes out tonight at 9pm Eastern. Look for a server with that up later tonight.

DC-CON8, More rippage from, has been announced. Interested in going? Hit the survey and log your interest:

We have our first PmI match this Sunday @ 9pm Eastern against PM. Should be a good match...

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Cruciform OGL match.
Posted by esclay@ 10:46 PM EST

    Had our OGL match last night with Cruciform. Had the usual discussion about which SpeakEasy server to play and finally decided on NYC. First game was our pick of q3wctf3 which we took 4-0. For the second game we played their pick of q3wcp5 which they won in the final seconds 4-3. For the tie breaker we played q3wcp6. After an early cap by us and then a cap by the enemy about 5 minutes in we tightened down and secured after much hard work 2 caps to secure the with n8 killing the flag carrier in his base with 2 dudes standing around. GG's! Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Monday, December 3, 2001

New nvidia reference drivers.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:37 PM EST

    Nvidia 23.11 reference drivers I would be cautious in upgrading your drivers if they are already stable. I had to back level my 21.83's on XP to the 12.40's in XP due to technical issues with some non-quake3 games…wait, is there such a thing? I’ve heard rumors of other games but...

Quake4 Virus.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:51 AM EST

    Check this out:

W32.Eira.57344@mm - This is an Internet worm which carries a file-overwriting payload. The file name of this worm suggests that it is a demo of the Quake4 game, but it is not.

Ripped straight from the Symantec site. Sucka's born everyday. The file in question is it would be safe to say that this will only effect LPB's hehe...

Zero Tolerance.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:54 AM EST

    I have zero tolerance of people that take advantage of a situation or a script to pad their or others IRC stats. If I see that someone has one enabled, I will add that line to the list of lines the mIRCstats program ignores. I also will put nicks on total ignore (pimpbot) if they continue to act like asses in the channel.

Sunday, December 2, 2001

OSP Physics.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:54 PM EST

    If you haven't been in the channel or can't read engrish, here's a page that talks about a bug in osp physics. Should see a patch out for this shortly...

Saturday, December 1, 2001

Return of the SCHEDULE.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:57 AM EST

    Why if I could just glide to fix the date so that you can actually put a day in...

glide's note: DONE. ;)

Morning Captain.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:42 AM EST

    Huge LAN party happening here. Check out that Network Util! Also...made said lineup and posted the ss in the last post on that DNA match.

Been helping smeg work on her DAoC guild can check out the results here:

In the "strange web archive", I have restored the EDK site to here: Was looking at the matches section...forgot about the DM way of doing matches back then. Taking the score of both games and adding them up...too funny. The member section is actually right...I thought Wild was in EDK, but forgot that at that point I think she was in that other QW clan. gd we were hardcore...