December 2000
Sunday, December 31, 2000

Happy News Years!
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:10 PM EST

    Happy New Years! Still getting over Christmas...but the new year will bring change. The Gamers Gauntlet page is coming along and should start shaping up soon as well as a KI page update with a major overhaul planned before spring. All kinds of cool stuff coming!

Saturday, December 30, 2000

Quake3 server fun.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:33 AM EST

    Can't get your demo alias to work in Q3 1.27? It's because in 1.17 is seems that they spell it one way ( g_syncronousClients ) and in 1.27 they spell it another ( g_synchronousclients ).

Also...I think the OSP "wierd mouse feel" was because of g_smoothClients set to 1 be default. Not sure what this does but turning it to 0 seems to fix that wierd mouse feel.

Overall I think what really screws 1.27 is the fact that it keeps wanting to exec the q3config.cfg all the time and the way it's setting the variables.

People ask and here it is, an example q3comp/osp server config zip for the lastest versions. CA/1v1/CTF. << link >>

Monday, December 25, 2000

Cute Xmas Story...
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:49 AM EST

How the Grinch stole the Blue Flag. a point.

Sunday, December 24, 2000

Happy Holidays.
Posted by Time2Die@ 2:50 PM EST

    Just a post wishing everyone a happy Holidays. Can't wait to open my presents as I think Quake3:TA is sitting wrapped under the tree... I've heard problems with non-ta clients connecting to 1.27 Q3 servers. Also looking forward to cool DVD's and tech toys as well!

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

SNB OGL Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:02 AM EST

    KI played Snot Nosed Brats (SNB) monday in a best out of 3 match that resulted in a victory for KI. Great game and good sportsman ship all around. Found a server (1.17 no less) in record time and got right down to business after one of the SNB dudes had a little Q3comp client fun. First match was on Q3WCTF3 where both sides tried to lock down the haste and middle. << Game 1 >> Second game was on Q3WCTF2. Some great rushes by SNB. << Game 2 >>

Friday, December 15, 2000

Babbages CPL.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:56 AM EST

    They got HUGE BAWLS!!! Anyway. You can checkout the brackets system they're using here. Kinda hard to "browse" this list. Should be interesting to see how this event goes...

Q3 1.27 Mirror.
Posted by esclay@ 12:33 AM EST

    1.27 is out. Check out the mirror here:

I have a test server here:

It will be up and down as I put new test versions of OSP on it. Also, turn downloads on and copy your q3key from baseq3 to the OSP directory. CA is broken in the current OSP so I have CTF running...

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Posted by Jeremy@ 5:27 AM EST

    First post!

I just wanted to mention that I've finished playing American McGee's Alice and have thrown up my completed review of the game on my NCSU webspace (yes there are screenshots now for those people too lazy to read). If you check it out, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.

On another note... I need a new nick! If anybody out there has a decent spare nick lying around, let me know about it! I've been searching for a replacement for "gore" for quite some time now with minimal success; all suggestions are welcome :)

Thursday, December 7, 2000

gi OGL match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:26 AM EST

    What a match. Typical OGL matches call for one 30 minute game, but we (gi and KI) elected a best of 3 (20min games) to really get a good match in. Game one on Q3WCTF1 was a real nail biter with both teams getting a cap in the first 10 minutes for a nice tie game. The middle, as usual, was anyones game with neither team dominating that area for long. Your's truely picked up a dropped flag that N8 had gotten to the middle around the 17/18 minute mark to get the winner cap with 2h to spare! gi feverishly tried to overtake our base but was held back. Game two was on our favorite Q3WCTF2. KI goes down to 0-2 in the first half of the game. In the second we part we get 3 straight caps and go up 3-2 but with the last cap comes a wave of gi dudes that over take our base giving them a one two punch as they had someone in our base waiting to grab the flag. The final score was 5-3 as they snuck another cap in while we tried in vain to tie the score back up. Game three was another nail biter with both teams holding the others flag while the flag retrival team disperately tried to get the flag back. In the end KI out lasted gi and won the third game 2-0 and to win the series 2 games to 1. Would like to thank everyone for being great sportsmen. Great game gi! << Game1 >> << Game2 >> << Game3 >>

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Flexible CD's.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:41 PM EST

    Here's the wave of the future...

Totally flexible CD's. You'll be able to REALLY stack those CD's now...

Smooth Keyboard.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:36 PM EST

    In that same vein, StingRay pasted this in the channel:

A totally flexible keyboard...we'll have to get one of those for a prize at Gamers' Gauntlet!

Monday, December 4, 2000

Posted by Time2Die@ 3:54 PM EST

    From Office Space:
Peter: When you come in on Monday and you're not feeling real well, does anyone say to you, "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?"
Lawrence: Shit, no man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that, man.

Something sad to think has went from cutting edge with the doom2 and Quake engine to "looks like UT" with Quake3: Team Arena. If you have the money and can reconize talent...what stops you from becoming the very best consistently? As a technology company id accels because you can define and desect what features you want your gaming engine to have and then acomplish those goals in a systematic way. The content of their games, which is based on the creativity of it's artists and designers, cannot be systematically desected and understood in a scientific way and this is where id fails. A high level of creativity and vision is needed to truely stand above mediocrity that befalls so many other games. In a true Jurasic Park park sense, they were so worried on whether they could...they never thought whether they should. Things gamers want:

- Built-in voice communications (ala RW/BCOM)
- Built-in IRC client
- Built-in Game Browser (ArenaSpy is buggy...I mean a REAL browser)
- More Intuitive menu layouts (give up the "DOOM" menu and create a REAL GUI!)
- STATS! Don't leave this to third parties.

Start listening to the players and stop listening to your developers for the ideas that are going to drive your next game over the edge of mediocrity.