November 2001
Thursday, November 29, 2001

DNA CCL Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:27 PM EST

    Had our CCL match with DNA last night...that ended in disaster (as predicted). We played one game and DNA forfieted the other 2. Played Crew with 2 of the DNA players, bof, and than from 44 for shits and giggles. We won Game1 7-1 and crew 7-5. I'll post the SS's tonight. For game1 we field N8_Dawg, BTF, Bofh, and Time2die. For game2 we field N8_Dawg, BTF, Blaze, and Time2Die. Game1

Misc. Links.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:25 PM EST

    Seems that there's a CAL Classic CTF league. Was clicking around and saw that our friends AVL has signed up. Should be interesting. Also, even tho every news page and it's mother has posted this, it seems @Home might be going bye bye. Here's a good thread with some tasty info on the topic. Lets see...o yea, saw on ShugaShack that there are some more Multiplayer RTCW maps set to be released at some's the link to that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Misc debris.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:35 AM EST

    Updated the Matches section with about 15 or so matches that we've played over the last 2 months. Also, we've been invited to the participate in the ]PM[ invitational. Here's the message:

If you have received this email, then your CTF clan has been invited to the upcoming Peacemakers Q3CTF Invite, and is one of the top teams in Q3CTF today. In you haven't been informed as to what it is, here is a run-down.

* Hosted at
* East and West Divisions
* 8 teams per coast
* Each division broken down into 2 4 team conferences
* Each team plays all teams in their conference, plus 2 inter conference games.
* 1 week bye in middle of season for Christmas
* 3 Maps played per Match, first 2 are picked by the 2 teams, third is assigned per week.
* Q3CTF1-4 and Q3WCTF1-3 are NOT available in tournament, NEW maps only (list to be released soon)
* NO tie games. All games have OT enabled.
* GTV provided by, and perhaps 2 additional outside sources if needed.
* Coverage provided by Esports America.
* Tourney IRC channel to be set up soon.

I would like to get the competition started 2 weeks from today. Please discuss this invite with your clan, and REPLY back to me ASAP! Since it is a small tourney (only 8 teams per coast) we want FULL activity out of every clan. The competition is going to be tight, and with all the coverage and new maps, we hope to keep the intensity level up. Thanks for your time. Please reply as soon as possible.


…I'll post more later as I get more info.

Monday, November 26, 2001

Lastest Matches.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:06 PM EST

    Defended our #3 rung on the OGL CTF East ladder successfully vs Public Enemy (P*E). Server selection went without hitch. Lately it's not which server to play but more like which speakeasy server. For game1 we played q3wctf3, which was our pick, winning 12-1 with the lineup of N8_Dawg, BTF, bofh, and Time2Die. For the second game we switched maps to P*E's selection of q3wcp5 (crew) and switched lineups to blaze, N8_Dawg, suicidal, and transient who won the game 13-0. Great attitudes and sportsmanship from both sides. GG GUYS! Screen Shots: Game1 - Game2

Also tried to play Week4 of CCT versus .i. who ended up forfieting to us. Screen Shot: Us sitting in the server all ready

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Posted by jargirl@ 11:01 PM EST

    Alright, so I am a closet Sims player. But, I don't play that often and until Friday I didn't have any of the add-ons. The newest expansion to the game is the HOT DATE pack. This pack not only allows your sims to go on 'dates' with other sims it also adds a whole new dimension to the game by allowing you to take your sims 'downtown'.

The downtown area is actually several areas that your sims get to by taking a cab. These areas have stores, eateries, pool halls, bars, parks and there's even a beach area. If your sim is lonely they needn't take a date downtown....they can pick up one of the many bots wandering the areas.

I haven't gotten too much play time yet, but with a title like "HOT DATE" I'm sure to enjoy hours of Sims fun.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 11:23 AM EST

    Turn on FSA to 2x mode. I noticed while in the single that I was noticing a ton of "jaggies" as I was crawling around snipping (heheh) so I saved, exited out, and came back in with FSA set to 2x...what a difference. I don't recommend this for MP action as it REALLY slows down the action even on the high end systems. Single player for me has really kept me going on playing...sneaking into the rocket base via the truck is my favorite so far. That "snooper" rifle is da bomb! :>

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Return to Castle Wolfenstien.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:10 AM EST

    Played about 4 hours of Return to Castle Wolfenstien (RTCW) last night; 2hours single player and about 2 hours multi. The single player is very nice and is setup to be a completely different game…literally. The game sets up different configs and uses different pak files. The intro and cut-scenes are first rate. Does a great job of explaining why we have the undead and what not later in the single player action. The multiplayer action last night was hit and miss as it is with any game…all depends on the server. The most fun I had was on a server that actually was cycling the maps…that allowed me to really get a feel for all the MP levels (8-10 of them). There are some truly amazing levels and even mp_beach has been improved graphically. I don't think at this point that RTCW is a Quake3 or CS killer, but will be a new genre of player. In other words, I don't think this will be the buy and shelf it, like so many other first person shooters, after a week of playing it. RTCW's strength's are the great (at least so far :) MP maps and the weapon balance is nice, but not overly so. I could rant a bit more but I wanted to make this short and sweet. RTCW gets the double thumbs ups! Only down side is that it's going for $50-55 retail. Here's a corresponding Penny Arcade link.

Saturday, November 17, 2001

Posted by StingRay@ 5:13 PM EST

    Well today I did my laundry and studied a little bit for a test on Monday. I folded my underwear and t-shirts and placed them in their appropriate locations. I am currently wearing a shirt that says "Windows XP Launch 2001" and some tan shorts. I don't know what everybody else is doing so I'll just leave it at that.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Warp OGL.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:57 AM EST

    Played WARP tonight for OGL. Server selection was a little painful with some of the warp players having troubles finding east/central servers that they pinged well to. We settled on Atlanta and Good games were had by both clans. N8_Dawg and I had some small connection issues that came up (or down in this case) in the second game but we were able to continue playing without much hassle. Even though Warp had some great rushes, KI ended up winning both games. Here are the screen shots: Game1 - Game2

Sunday, November 11, 2001

New Member.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:26 AM EST

    Please welcome BTF to the KI ranks. The members page has been updated with BTF's profile info and some changes to the active/inactive rosters. Private message me in IRC if you object and/or when you go back to being active.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 10:35 PM EST

    Here's a little tip. If you do a "unbindall/cvar_restart" and/or right protect ur q3config.cfg as an empty file, you have to specify "r_lastValidRenderer" for the "r_texturemode" cvar to set properly. AND on top of that...if you have the wrong one specified, say like you copied pasted my config with that line in it, you could be taking a 4-5 or more FPS hit.

seta r_lastValidRenderer "GeForce2 GTS/AGP/3DNOW!" - What I use now.
seta r_lastValidRenderer "GeForce 256/AGP/SSE" - What I used to use.

seta r_texturemode "gl_linear_mipmap_linear" // Better long distance
seta r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST" // (default)

Saturday, November 3, 2001

XP SB Live Drives.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:08 AM EST

    Not sure if it's been posted on other news pages but I noticed that Creative has XP drivers now...

Friday, November 2, 2001

KI defeats Md in first round of CAL2 playoffs.
Posted by pro@ 11:21 PM EST

    Last night we played against Md in our first round matchup for the CAL playoffs. We found a server to play on somewhat easily that everyone pinged well to; although after the match was over FaTaL said we were all ping and we ping raped them (more on that later). The first map played was our choice of q3wctf1. Md did a very good job of maintaining controll of the middle, especially during powerup spawns. They were generally more aggressive and we were forced to fall back into a more defensive position. We were able to hold them off for about 35 minutes, with one almost capture for them at around the 25 minute mark. But they eventually pulled through with a very powerful flag run 15 minutes into OT.

The second map played was Md's choice of q3wctf2 which nearly every website predicted that Md would win. However we startled them (and maybe even a few of us) with a quick capture at the 2 minute mark. At 12 mins in transient grabbed their flag as they got ours, which was the beginning of a 5 minute flag stand-off that ended with N8_Dawg returning our flag and transient sealing his solid flag run. Then there was a momentary chaos as most of Md attacked and they got a quick capture to make the game 2-1. We then went 3 on defense for the last 2 minutes to hold on for a win.

Then started the long process of picking the third map, which actually got both clans back into IRC to discuss. It ended with q3wcp1 (japan) being the tiebreaker. Another great game on both sides where both teams had a few good chances to cap and didn't. bofh broke the stalemate with a cap at 15 minutes into the game. The game ended with bofh sealing the victory with a 2nd capture with 11 seconds left.

At this point FaTaL either shut his computer off or disconnected his cable because he went 999 and timed out of irc. Several times during the match he blurted out something about ping, and after the match in irc he claimed we ping raped them. If a 5-10ms team average is a noticeable ping advantage, then that is news to me. In this screenshot fatal is upset about his ping after t2d killed him.... his ping? 48 (maxpckts 100) t2d's ping? 37 (maxpckts 30)... team average difference? 7.5ms. Enough said. He also blamed the fact that KI was lanning. Yes 3 of us were lanned. Is that cheating? No. Is it against the rules? No. Is it an advantage? Yes. Have we lost games while lanned? Yes. Would Md have lanned if they could? Yes. With all of FaTaL's groundless bitching aside, both teams played very well and the match could have gone either way. Good Games Md. Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 10:00 AM EST

    lukin has moved back with his parents and has decided to take a break from Quake3 and from the clan. Everyone from KI wishes him the best.

We have our first CAL2 match tonight vs. Md, which should be interesting. We will be fielding a slightly different lineup than the lineup that beat them @ G2. But hopefully both sides will play and have fun without any major incidents. We did play Md the other night on one of the newer 3wave maps...lots of fun even if they did call timeout twice :>

Last little item is the !info script that time-b0t's broken right now. If you have something set, it will pull it. If you want to modify or delete an info...good luck ;> I could have patched the script or spent twice as much time and redone it the write and I have chosen the later of the two. The problem is that it's ended up taking four times as long as I thought it would. But the end result is that it won't be as buggy as the old at all, and I can actually continue dev on the bot without having to write tons of code. This all hinges on a new alias I have written that interacts with the user database 10x easier and the fact that I updated the mIRC version to 5.91.

Lastly...enjoy your stats while you can. I will bt resetting them back to 10 days shortly (from 14).

Also...please give Blaze a pat on the back for making it back from Florida as a married man. Hopefully we'll see some pictures of the cruise and what not. Cheers mate!

Better late than never.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:33 AM EST

    This has got to be the wackest idea for a pumpkin ever...the picture of the pumpkin insides looks like they just threw the components into the pumpkin like a waste basket...and what about that burnt pumpkin smell for those that have AMD's? Check it out: