February 2003
Tuesday, February 25, 2003

EKM Match - OGL #1
Posted by Tranz@ 12:20 AM EST

    This evening, we played EKM for the #1 spot on OGL. First map was q3ctf1. This map was fun. EKM played hard and fast offense. Resp got pwt many o timez. We won 11-1. The second map was q3wcp9. Another crazy map. I don't think EKM liked playing defense. They preferred playing 4-O. So that made my job quite difficult as flad d. Resp stopped playing middle and played flag d with me. Again, Resp got pwt the entire game.

ggz EKM!

Game 1 - Game 2

Friday, February 21, 2003

News in my briefs.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:19 PM EST

    All kinds of craziness. Hauntz has joined the clan and you can check his profile here. New OSP came out with a cool bug that lets you spawn with fresh health/armor. That should be fun to deal with till next year when OSP is patched. Was a time when there was almost daily builds...

On the match side of things we royally bombed out of WH2 and after countless challenges slipped up and got a forfeit lose on OGL. AVL challenged us on OGL and we beat them and have challenged the team that has the #1 spot. OGL is pretty dead but is still viable for a game every once in a while (and has a nice db backend :).

CTFX3 is starting at the beginning of March where we hope to have a good showing. Other than that it's business as usual in good ole #kiscrim :D