February 2001
Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 5:26 PM EST

    Some interesting comments and insight (if you'd call it that :) from 20 top players on the ruling that "Clanbase EuroCup" has made on it's network settings of maxpak's of 30, snaps of 20, and timenudge of 0 for it's upcoming tourney.


Tuesday, February 27, 2001

rhea from OSP interview.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:50 PM EST

    Talks about how Q3comp and OSP are merging and some of the stuff that's coming up as well as some quality control issues.


Pmove and 125.
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A semi-interesting thread that talks about PMOVE and the 125 sampling code BUILTIN 1.27x. This last weekend I told a hand full of people this fact when asked why "125" was disabled on the OSP servers. I have been in more than one game where the other team had multiple people "skipping" around with pmove and timenudge turned on. Hopefully this controversy will stir up id/osp enough to fix the situation.

Freeze tag.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:59 AM EST

    Jester has a CTF and a Freeze tag server up here (only after 4pm): and

They should also show up on the servers page as well. Jester also has a stats page up here:


Seems to be pretty popular so check it out!

Monday, February 26, 2001

G2 Wrapup.
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:35 AM EST

    Don't have one yet :>

In other news I am getting in pictures for the history page as we speak...some good ones! 44 beat Ascend in the CTF tourney and StJoker beat our very own Sploid for the 1v1 tourney. The G2 event also got some coverage on the gaming scene here:


and mentioned on ShackES here:


Werd...should have some stuff up later tomorrow as the pictures finish trickling in.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 12:30 PM EST

    Off to Gamers' Guantlet! See ya Sunday night...

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

N8's Birthday Pics.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:01 AM EST

    Get these fast before he makes me take them down :>


From left to right it's N8, Jargirl, Smeg, miliTerry, and Sploid.


Wednesday, February 14, 2001

KI Logo's.
Posted by Time2Die@ 4:14 PM EST

    Been looking for this logo for a while as everytime jargirl comes over, she has it as her desktop background. So I finally found the original and hunted down the crazy font I used to create and touched it up a little bit. Slightly different but still sorta the same (Yea!). Take a look for yourself ;>

New one:

Old one:

Something I modified:


Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Network Cables.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:20 AM EST

    Here's a cool little page on the basics of creating network cables with some screenshots.


Thursday, February 8, 2001

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Thursday, February 1, 2001

Posted by Time2Die@ 9:26 AM EST

    Killers Inc. has extended an offer to Greghunt (aka sploid aka KI|spluddzor) to join and he has accepted. Give him a shout and a pat on the butt next time you see him.

Fun in Internet Land (Part #1)
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:24 AM EST

    All right. Well as some might have noticed the KI web page has moved yet once more. I think this is move number 4 or 5. Anyway...the box it's running on seems to be rocking and serving up the pages much faster than the last. It's a P2 450 with 256 Megs of RAM running Win2k. Anyway...after a 4-week wait I finally got SDSL installed here at the house. This was after an install where even tho Bellsouth had installed the extra line, they hadn't finished extending it to the CO. So I had to wait another 2 days till it was up. It was a nail biter as it wasn't till 4:50pm Friday that the SDSL finally synced. Anyway...an hour later I was on DU reaping the benefits! I don't know of many installs that aren't tedious just because of the high anticipation of having said installed service.

Posted by Time2Die@ 9:17 AM EST

    Went to dinner 2 nights ago with Phred and Gouki from AVL (Not sure what their l33t ingame names are) and got a picture:


N8_Dawg, Jargirl, and Smeg were in attendence as well. I'll let you guess at who's who. :>