January 2003
Thursday, January 30, 2003

Demo watcher.
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:17 PM EST

    Before I lose the link again...here is a great demo view/watcher: http://www.planetquake3.net/seismovision/

I would recommend the lite version as it has less support for the games you probably don't play anyway. Make sure to get the updated q3 AVA file so you can watch 1.32 demos.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

IRC Fun.
Posted by Time2Die@ 9:53 AM EST

    ETG...what a high level of frustration lately. For those that can connect to the KY server it's ok...but if you get disconnected or on another server you either can't get on or could experience lag in excess of 10+ minutes (CTCP PING doesn't lie :). A couple of us have started hanging on the PGPN IRC server so that if we do move it'll be a seamless migration.

http://www.pgpn.com and http://www.pgpn.com/newusers.php

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

WSC for #1 on OGL
Posted by plix@ 4:57 PM EST

    KI prevails...
KI succesfully defended it's #1 rung on the WorldOGL ladder on 13.1.2003.
WSC went with an oldie, but goodie in W2 for their pick. Bofh was a wall at flag D, but KI was dominating PU control which was the force they needed to crack the solid defense bofh was putting up. N8 kept KI up with his caps and the silent, but deadly, KI|ten kept WSC cappage to only 1. Once again KI has shown the depth of it's lineup. Ten hasn't been around a hell of alot in the last few months, but he stepped up; him and resp on defense is unstoppable at worst.
KI 2-1

Map 2 was KI's own CP9. WSC played fairly defensivly for this map, and it was a good plan. They frustrated the offense for most of the game. WSC was controling the pace very well, and as KI extended their middle d for a capture WSC managed to sneak out an opening cap right under our noses, in doing so they immediatly put the pressure on KI. WSC clawed and toothed the whole match and at the 20 minute mark both teams were headed into overtime at 3 a peace. N8 once again stepped up and made the cap that needed to be made.
KI 4-3

WSC, overall, played very well. Both games were close and very well played. WSC worked on controling the pace and keeping the caps down, and bofh was a beast at flag. Once again, though, KI controlled PU's and ultimatly the game.
GG's WSC, we look foward to our next battle :).

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

VHC Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:29 AM EST

    After much delay we played our OGL match vs VHC. Having seen some of VHC's recent performances vs other teams, we came in ready to prove our worth. After 2 games the match was decided in KI's favor with us winning q3wcp14 12-0 and q3wcp9 5-1.

Monday, January 6, 2003

VHC Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 12:33 PM EST

    Looks like the VHC match is going to happen tonight after a long holiday break. Look for scores and screenshots later tonight.

Friday, January 3, 2003

Holidays and Stuff.
Posted by Time2Die@ 1:47 PM EST

    Hope everyone had a great holiday. I have added the ability for current KI members to edit their own members info. No one has a password set so just type in the nick listed on the members page and have it email you the password. It will create and send one to your ki email address (which forwards to your email). You can't edit your picture yet but everything else is fair game. For those not in KI here's a screenshot of an example page.