January 2002
Monday, January 28, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 6:42 PM EST

    All kinds of crazy shit going on. lukin has rejoined KI...which is a good thing since my lazy ass never removed him from the OGL lineup and various other places ;>

I've also updated the navigator bar on the right updating the tourney links, removing all the dead links I could find, and updating the rest of the URL's where needed. Added "Gamer Cartoons" with PvP and Penny Arcade. If you have any other good ones just pmsg me irc.

We played our PmI game against Affliction. Nothing really to say about this match except that -a- has risen above mediocrity with a great lineup that they know not to deviate from. I will post the SS's later as well as an update to the matches section with all of the ss's that I've been slacking on posting.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

OGL vs Cruciform.
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:41 AM EST

    Played our first OGL game in probably a month or more against Cruciform. Kinda strange only playing 2 maps with most of the current tourney's going for 3. Finding servers was ok except that 3 of our 6 guys pinged around 80 or higher. Poor tranz crashed twice in the first game and at the 10 minute mark had to be replaced by Time2Die (me!). The only down side to this was that I was really wanting to play on the second map and not the first. :> First half of the game (q3wcp1) was close with KI only ahead by a few hard fought caps but towards the end the gap increased under our offense pressure and we ended winning 5-0. The second game (q3wcp5) ended up a little more lopsided with KI taking an early lead and never looking back. We finished the second game 11-0. Here are the SS's: Game1 - Game2

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 5:55 PM EST

    Moop pasted me this cool wallpaper site. Mostly a collection of wallpaper you could find at other sites...but then you'd actually have to go and find said wallpaper...be lazy and just click below. :>


Monday, January 21, 2002

Net Code.
Posted by Time2Die@ 7:44 PM EST

    Tranz pasted this link in the channel that explains the Quake3 net code...but be warned to keep some Tylenol around in case some of those big words make your head hurt.


Friday, January 18, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 11:51 AM EST

    Damn this is a cool case: Pic1 - Pic2

Saw this over at 3dChipset...Ebay Fun!!!

Had our PmI match with EXE last night...lost 1-2. I'll post the screenshots later tonight when I get them all.

One thing I would like to comment on (Read: RANT). The CTF community is just that...a community. In a community, you try to get along with one another in ways that you would like others to treat you. If you want the community to grow, you have to make other people want to be a part of it. The main reason most of us are here is to talk with our friends, play the game, and have a good time doing. When you take that away from someone or a clan by discrediting their efforts or causing grief, you are destroying other peoples desire to be in the same community as you and in the long run your actions are eroding what a lot of people have worked hard to build.

A different story...we recently had a match with another "popular" clan where we had an issue with one of their clan members. He was very disruptive to the match process spamming shit, calling people names, and even kicking people from the channel for petty reasons. I asked the other clan in general why they were being so hard to deal with (aka being dicks). One of their members who we know pretty well, feeling guilty for being in the same clan as this trouble maker, asked if I included him when I referred to his clan "acting like assholes". Absolutely. Sorry dude, but you're just as responsible for your clanmates actions as he is. When you have the clan tag on, you represent the clan...not an individual. When people in KI act that way...they're told to chill the f*ck out :>

Happy Happy...Joy Joy...

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Posted by Time2Die@ 1:16 PM EST

    Woah...check this page out: http://www.millionmanlan.com

Has details on a week long LAN from h311z.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Eradicate PmI Match.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:14 PM EST

    After a slow (and frustrating) start, we ended up sweeping our PmI match with e! in some fun (and stressful) games. We came back from being behind in all three games to win. The first map was q3wcp5 as we had both picked q3wcp1 as our first choice and was thrown out. Our second pick was q3wcp5. We got down early 0-1 before coming back to win 6-2. This was a tight match till the last 5 minutes or so. The second map was q3wcp11 where we were down 2-1 at the 8 minute mark when Blaze's connect went in the dumper. With 12 minutes left, I came in to take his place and we came back to win it 4-2. The tie breaker map was q3wcp3, a real barn burner. After being down 5-2, we came back in the last 5 minutes to tie it at the buzzer forcing it into overtime. In the end, we pulled the victory and swept the match 3-0 with a 6-5 win. Great Game guys! Game1 - Game2 - Game3

Moving On.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:06 PM EST

    Saw on EoD's website that Raider has moved on from Quake. I have known and played with Raider going on 5 years this winter. He's a great guy and I wish him the best.

New Member Part II.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:01 PM EST

    Killers Inc. Welcomes Ten to the clan. He has already submitted a l33tz0r member pic you can check out right here:


Saturday, January 12, 2002

New Member.
Posted by Time2Die@ 10:50 AM EST

    Killers Inc. welcomes TGM to the clan. jp is his TDM clan...so please call him TGM and not jp hehe.


Friday, January 4, 2002

Links and Stuff
Posted by Time2Die@ 8:51 AM EST

    Interesting Interview with Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. Talks about his new DVD coming out and some of the technology hurdles he went through to get it done. He used firewire drives and a G4 mac to put together the live DVD.

Also lunk pasted a good connection tweak page here: http://cable-dsl.home.att.net

And I think I've posted this before, but here's an XP tweak page with a few tricks and tips worth noting, like how to get rid of that annoying windows messenger, killing those stupid zip folders, and how to get "search/find" working like it did in Win2k: http://www.pcelements.com/winxptweaks1.shtml

I'll post the SS's and match wrap up of last nights loss to Md later today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Fans and Fun!
Posted by Time2Die@ 11:32 PM EST

    I got a pair of copper heatsinks and 7200RPM fans for our AMD 1.4's here at the house...GD did they produce a huge amount of noise! Sure it knocked my CPU temperature down 10C but the amount of noise they produced made me nuts. So I went back to OCZ store and got a pair of "ultra quiet" fans and hoped that I wouldn't take a huge temperature hit. I used to believe that the fan made the cooling solution but after 3 days of testing I can safely say that the copper heatsink makes a HUGE difference...and I have regained my sanity as well as stopped the ringing in my ears ;>

OCZ Store: http://www.theoverclockerzstore.com

Old Fan/Heatsink and New Quiet Fan. They also have a Quiet Fan/Copper Heatsink Combo which doesn't have the right picture but would do the trick. Most AMD people on the net seem to be getting around 38-40C in and out of the game. I think anything over 50C is reason to look into better cooling solutions. Check your CPU temperature with Mother Monitor

...btw, almost blew my AMD with a CPU shim that installed wrong. DOH!

Happy New Years!
Posted by Time2Die@ 3:27 AM EST

    Happy New Years! Went over to N8_Dawg and jargirls and rang in the new year with lunk, smeg, nekacho, gore, sniper, and pro. Got some pictures that I'll post later of the festivities. 2002! WOOT WOOT!